VII International Exhibition and Scientific Congress on geodesy, cartography, GIS-technologies, land management, earth remote sensing, environmental monitoring, forestry management, geology, geophysics, thermophysics, customized instrumentation, and metrology.

April 27-29, 2011

ITE Siberian Fair, Novosibirsk, Russia

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New government programs focused on enhancing growth of civil and industrial construction sector and environmental economics regulation instigates a demand of Geographical Information Systems and newest equipment implementation and high qualified staff training in all geo-industry.

For the first time International specialized forum “GEO-Siberia” joined the exhibition and Scientific Congress was held in 2005.

 From year to year “GEO-Siberia” extends field boundaries and provides a platform for professionals from manufacturing and research companies, authorities, higher schools, business representatives, etc. related not only to resource development but high-tech building projects and most complicated industrial and social objects; and attracts increasingly participants in the exhibition and scientific congress from Russia, Asian and European companies as well.

Today “GEO-Siberia” is a main information and exhibition platform of all geo-field beyond the Urals representing latest advances, the world brands and the best Russian developments.
Organizers of the “GEO-Siberia” exhibition and Scientific Congress: ITE Siberian Fair and Siberian State Academy of Geodesy